Getting ready for our class map project

I thought you came up with a great idea for our map project — indie (or almost-indie) coffee shops in Boston. Here’s what you need to do before class next Tuesday, Nov. 12:

  • Visit the coffee shop you volunteered to write about.
  • While you’re there, take notes on what you’re going to write about. Get a few quotes from someone — a customer, the manager, whoever. Get her or his full name.
  • Take some photos — food, people. One of the photos you take should be a horizontal shot that serves as a quick identifier — most likely an outside picture in which the sign is clearly visible. You’ll plot that on a map.
  • Write a 200- to 300-word blog post that serves as a feature/review of the coffee shop. Include your photos in your post. You don’t have to use the outside sign shot in your post, but make sure you can access it on Tuesday.
  • Remember to include these common elements: the address; the website; the days and hours; the closest T stop; and your favorite drink/dessert/whatever.



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