Finishing your video projects

By the end of class today, your videos should be close to done. We should be able to finish them in class on Tuesday and deal with some other business as well. There are some open lab hours on Monday if you need to catch up (see post farther down for hours). We’ve gone over a lot of material, so here’s what I’ll be looking for:

  • A three- to five-minute video with at least three interviews
  • A stand-up by you (this is the only part of the video that someone other than you may shoot)
  • At least three still photos shot by you to be used as B-roll
  • At least three video clips shot by you to be used as B-roll
  • An opening screen giving us the title of your video and your name
  • Names and some sort of identifying text with each interview (if you return to the person, you don’t have to identify her or him again)

Please note that iMovie ’11 does not allow you to put text on B-roll. However, if you want to put text on a still photo that you plan to use as B-roll, you can do it in many editing programs. Pixlr Express, a free online tool that I showed you earlier this semester, makes it quite easy.

I don’t want to take all of class time on Tuesday dealing with video. I want to discuss your final projects and look ahead to the rest of the semester. So you will need to be pretty close to finishing your video before class.

This student video contains every element. Note that she puts her name on a screen at the end rather than the beginning.


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