Enhancing your beat with Twitter

For your next assigned blog post, please find the Twitter feeds of 10 people or organizations related to your beat. Follow them for a day. See who they’re retweeting. Click on their links. For Friday — before class — write a blog post about your experience, what you learned and how it enhances your ability to work your beat.

List and link to the feeds you are following and write a sentence or two about each one describing what it is.

How to find Twitter feeds related to your beat? Here are a few ideas.

  • Look at the Twitter feeds offered by large news organizations such as The Boston Globe and The New York Times.
  • If you’re following someone who is useful to you, find out who she’s following. Maybe she’s set up lists. You can follow anyone on that list, or the entire list. Maybe she participates in Follow Friday. See if she’s posted anything with the hashtag #FF.
  • Use our friend Google. Let’s say you’re writing a blog about skateboarding in Boston. Google <skateboarding Boston Twitter>.
  • Use a search/directory service such as We Follow or Topsy.

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