Moving ahead with your blogs

For your next assignment, please write a 200- to 350-word post identifying at least five blogs or news sites that you will find helpful in blogging about your beat. Describe the sites, link to them and explain why they will be useful to you. Be sure to use a category and some tags.

Include a relevant photo using Wikimedia Commons or Creative Commons. You’ll find links to both under “Tools” on the class website. If you are unsure of how to credit it, have a look at how I handled it here (at bottom of item).

Please add the five sites to your blogroll, which we went over in class today. Also include a link to the class website to your blogroll, which will give you a total of six.

If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to fix your title, your subtitle and your “About” page. Delete any WordPress boilerplate that you see in the posts or the pages.

Also: Please find a photo that is relevant to your beat to use as your header image. Make sure to put a credit on your “About” page. If you took it yourself, give yourself a credit. If your WordPress theme does not allow for a customized header, then please put it on your “About” page.

Your deadline for all of this is before class on Tuesday. I plan to spend some time on workshopping.


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